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We had a great time at the Ohio District's Spring Banquet on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at the Amish Door Banquet Room in Wilmot, Ohio.

We were grateful that Ruritan National President Elliott Hogge, and First Lady Sandra were able to attend.  We appreciated President Elliott's remarks to us.

We had great food, a beautiful setting with rose centerpieces, many super door prizes, and fantastic entertainment with "Blended Voices."  Remarks and speeches were held to a minimum, in response to feedback given.

We appreciate the efforts of Pat Fallot and her Spring Banquet Committee for a job well done.

If you missed it this year, plan early to attend next year's Spring Banquet.

New Members in your Ruritan Club

Help us welcome the new members in your Ruritan Club, by sending their names in to:

Terry Blickensderfer  TerryBlick@Yahoo.com

In Memoriam (Ohio Ruritans who have passed away since last Sep. 30)

We extend our sympathy to the family and friends who have lost loved ones over this past year.  We want to recognize and memorialize those who have been Ruritans in the Ohio District. 

 Please let us know of any additions or corrections.   Thank you.

Terry Blickensderfer  TerryBlick@Yahoo.com;

Remember this website and the District Newsletter are...

only as good and as current as the information that you give us.  Report news, events, success stories, names of new members and names of members who have passed away.  Please, send your information to Terry Blickensderfer, Public Relations Chair at TerryBlick@Yahoo.com.

And NOW you can add your own Ruritan Club events to the Calendar and to your Zones Announcment page found in the Project & General Forum.  Just sign up using your existing email account (we will NOT sell it or give it away to anyone else but on this site).  You can also learn what others have to say and contribute to part of the discussion on the Project_&_General_Forum (Ideas on Service Projects, Fundraisers, and New Member Plans to name a few) found after the Success Stories category.


Be sure to send your events, successes, reporting deaths of your members, additions of new member to Terry Blickensderfer at TerryBlick@Yahoo.comBe sure to sent them by the 10th of the month preceding when you would like it published as it goes out by around the 20th for clubs to use that meet late in the month.  It is hard for Terry to put something in the newsletter, if he does not know about it.

In addition, you can post them yourself on this website by going to the links in the next section.  And don't forget that you can post them on the Calendar on the top menu bar also.  Please also stop in often and keep up to date on what others have posted.  This is becoming more and more your website, a place where YOU are sharing the information.  If it is NOT here, it is because YOU have NOT posted it here!  Thank you.  ~ Maynard Yoh

~~ We care --- We share --- We are RURITAN.  ~~