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Club Meeting Program Ideas (available for clubs in zone #'s)

"Cornhole, the Ohio District Ruritan Games" (all Ohio District Zones) - contact Maynard Yoh, maynardyoh@yahoo.com or call at (330) 465-8566 or (330) 669-2123. (available after March 31, 2010)

*Gerald Payn, Abraham Lincoln Presenter*

*Gerald Payn, Abraham Lincoln Presenter*;
During 2009 had 86 engagements as Mr. Lincoln, including schools, service clubs, senior groups, historical societies, Civil War reenactments, Civil War roundtables, concerts, banquets, etc.


  Beginning in 1999, has visited every place Mr Lincoln lived during his lifetime plus a number of Civil War battle sites and other related places.

Life member of the National Association of Lincoln Presenters (one of almost 200 members) Has attended and enjoyed many ALP Conventions at various locations around the country. Check "Association of Lincoln Presenters" website for more information.

Is a “full height” Lincoln presenter at 6’4” and performs in costume (and whiskers) and presents in first person.

Speaks on a large variety of topics - Life of Lincoln (any “chapter”), Lincoln and Religion, Lincoln and Law, Lincoln and Slavery, Lincoln and Politics, Lincoln’s Education, Trials and Tribulations of Lincoln’s Presidency, Lincoln at Cooper Union, etc and can deliver any of Lincoln’s speeches.

Glad to answer questions re: any part of Mr Lincoln’s life (depending on question, may go out of character).

GERALD A. PAYN (Gerry or Jerry), 768 Greenwood Blvd. Wooster, Ohio 44691,
(330)345-5547, E-mail - gmpayn@sssnet.com


Chuck Bell, Program Presenter

Relax with Chuck Bell... the "Storyteller" of real life, past or present.  You will be rewarded with a laugh (maybe more than one) and a message! 

His repertroire includes:

DID I SAY THAT - Stories about communication, miscommunication and attitude

MYTHS AND LITTLE KNOWN FACTS - Portrayal of George Washington.

FRONTIER LIVING IN THE "GOOD OLD DAYS" - Portrayal of a Long Hunter of the late 1700's in western VA, PA and OH.

VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY - A thumbnail report of the Lewis and Clark Expedition by William Clark, as portrayed by Chuck Bell

THE FIRST 100 YEARS OF OHIO - FROM FRONTIER TO FLIGHT - 5 different portrayals of 5 different Ohioans in costumes:  frontiersman, farmer, abolitionist, Civil War soldier and Ohio citizen.

Chuck can tailor presentations to fit your objectives and audience, based on thirty years experience successfully speaking to both youth and adults.

Charles H. Bell, 61425 Summit Road, New Concord, OH 43762  740 826 7002  www.frontierimpersonations.com